How to set up your 3D Print Farm in 3DPrinterOS

How to set up your 3D print farm in 3DPrinterOS

It will automatically appear on the Printers Page if you've already installed the 3DPrinterOS Client and connected some of your 3D Printers. To add more 3D Printers, use this guide step-by-step.

Most 3D printers do not have integrated software to connect to the 3DPrinterOS cloud. We support them via USB connection to various computer platforms: Raspberry Pi and other single-board computers (a detailed list is here), Windows or Ubuntu-based PC, Mac, and custom OS. In addition, you can use USB hubs to connect multiple 3D Printers to one computer - more on this here.

  1. Go to the Printers page
  2. Click Add Printer
  3. Select your 3D Printers Models from the list
    It's better to add multiple 3D printers at once
  4. Click Add Printers & the Waiting for connection list will appear.
  5. You may use different approaches to connect your 3D printer:
    1. To connect your 3D printers to the 3DPrinterOS cloud, you need to install the 3DPrinterOS Client – a separate software available for different operating systems.
      1. How to install the 3DPrinterOS Client on a Raspberry Pi – read here
      2. How to install the 3DPrinterOS Client on a single-board computer – check whether we released a ready-to-use image for your platform here and install it.
      3. Or you can download and install it on Windows (read the installation guide) or Ubuntu. Then, add 3DPrinterOS Client to the Windows Startup folder (autostart). N.B. We have a production version for macOS (Development and Stable client), but it doesn't work for the latest macOS version. So if you need the macOS version of 3DPrinterOS - please get in touch with us.
      4. If you have Mac or custom hardware with a custom OS – you can use 3DPrinterOS Client ZIP archive
    2. Native integration – just entering the access code from the printer's screen
      1. It works for Dremel 3D40 and 3D45, Kodak Portrait, Loop3D, Hercules HG2, Robo3D R2, C2 and E3.
    3. For Ultimaker 3, S5, S3 and newer models – read here
    4. Network MakerBots (5th Gen) and other Network Printers – read here
  6. Voila! Your 3D Printer has appeared on the Printers page with the Idle status.

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