3D Printer management in 3DPrinterOS

All 3D Printers you have access are displayed on the Printers Page.

Each 3D Printer in 3DPrinterOS consists of:

Status image, Printer name, Printer type

If your printer is shared to any user, then that user can rename it for themselves.

Additional info

  • Announcement
    This is a note for a 3D Printer in the Printer Settings. Hover over it to see the full text.
  • Shows the amount of loaded material if the material tracking feature is enabled
  • Temperature data – displayed only for online printers


  • Camera view button

  • Three dot menu with extra actions
    • Printer Log
      Available only for the limited number of 3D Printers.(Currently only Imprinta HG2)
    • Move all jobs
      Use this feature to move the entire queue to another printer.
    • Report a problem

Printing section

Shows the current print jobs in progress, percent of completion, and time left.

It is displayed only when the 3D Printer is printing

Queue section

It shows all the jobs in the particular printer queue.

The printer owner can disable the Queue in the printer settings. Then nobody will be able to send jobs to the queue.

A print job in the queue consists of the job visualization preview, job name, file type, estimated printing time, when and by whom it was submitted, job price, and weight.

Read what you can do with print jobs here.

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