Actions available for print jobs

Printing actions


Available when the printer is idle and the build tray is clear (if the feature is enabled)

Pause, Resume

Pause – it is not recommended to pause a print job when it is not necessary, because it can cause print defects.

After the job is paused you can resume it.


You can cancel the job and after that, you're prompted with the cancellation reason.

The Organizational admin can export the report for all the cancellation reasons.


Move – carries the job over to another 3D Printer without duplicating it.

Copy – Creates a print job duplicate. If the billing logic is enabled the new job owner is charged for it.


Available only for finished, canceled, or failed jobs.

You can select the printer to restart the print job on.


If your print job was failed you can stop it with the Error status – the job status will become Failed. Hence, you'll have the correct data in History and Statistics.

Industrial 3D Printer actions

The industrial 3D Printers are not connected directly to the cloud, though you can use the cloud to manage them.

Industrial printers have the same features as directly driven 3D Printers and a few other things.


Use ''Finish'' to mark a job as successfully finished in your statistics. The system will calculate Printing time as the difference between start and finish.


You can Download jobs from Industrial printers' queues in order to upload them manually.

When submitting a job, the user can write notes attached to it.

Other users with can_print permissions may review those notes on the Printers Page and leave their own.

If there were not attached notes, you can add new ones from the three dot menu.

And enter it in the Job Notes pop-up.


In the dropdown selection, the user may select Feedback. It can be exported as a separate data point in the reports, by the Organization Admin.

In some cases, notes are created automatically.

Job details

  • Job logs

  • Slicing settings
    Get access to the parameters used for slicing a model.
    Available only for files sliced on 3DPrinterOS.
  • Time-lapse
    You can review the job time-lapse if the camera was enabled.
    The time-lapse in 3DPrinterOS is made out of a 100 frame shots.

  • Transactions
    Organization admins can change a job price manually.

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