Using the build tray is clear flag

Build tray is clear ''toggle''

Use this feature to avoid starting a print job on a printer with out a cleared build plate.

How to enable?

  1. Go to the Printers Page
  2. Open Printers Settings in the three dot menu.
  3. Enable build tray notifications/button
Guide on how to setup your RaspberryPi you can find here.
  1. The toggle will appear on the printer

How does it work?

After the print is finished, the system will automatically change it's state to disabled – this means that the build tray is NOT clear.

The printer status is also changed to bed not clear

Printers status is visible in the Printer Selection Pop-up:

User with the appropriate rights, the 3D Printer owner, Advanced User or an Organizational Admin with can print permissions can confirm it by enabling the toggle.

Organizational admin can also grant access to the confirm Build tray is clear toggle in Organizational settings to an advanced user.

This flag has only a demonstrational character and does not restrict printing by default.

Organizational admin can limit prints until ''build tray is clear'' is confirmed in the Organizational Admin Panel –> Settings, Printing Section

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