Dual Extrusion Printing

How to print on dual extruders printers on 3DPrinterOS?

Printers with two extruders are getting more and more popular. Let's go through the process in 3DPrinterOS.

Only Slicer 3(discontinued), Slicer 5, and Slicer for Makerbots support dual extrusion. Read detailed about Slicers here.

There are 2 cases you may need dual extrusion.

  1. You're printing one model
    1. Upload the model to 3DPrinterOS
    2. Open Slicer
    3. Select the extruder in the Slicer app
      1. Slicer for Makerbot – selecting the dual extruder 3D Printer new section will appear.
        Settings you specify will apply to that extruder
        You can select Supports and Adhesion extruder on the Advanced and Expert tab
      2. Slicer 3(discontinued), Slicer 5 – select extruder at the top menu
      You need to use extruder switches to select what extruder you're changing the settings for.
      The field border will indicate whether the parameter is applied only to one extruder(there is a specific border color) or for both extruders (no border)
  2. You're printing multiple models
    1. You need to select an extruder for the model in the STL Editor app. Read details about it here.
    2. Then click Slice, the slicer app will open
    3. Make sure that you've selected "Default" in Extruder Selection.
      Changing its value either to Extruder 1 or to Extruder 2 with select the extruder for all models.
    4. Click Slice or Slice' & Toolpath preview

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