Have custom hardware? Use 3DPrinterOS Client ZIP archive

If you have a custom OS, you still can use 3DPrinterOS to manage your 3D Printer from the cloud.

  1. Download 3DPrinterOS Zip archive here

  1. You will need the next packages to run it:
  • Python 3.6+
  • LibUSB1.0
  • Your 3d printer drivers installed(if you are running Windows)
  • WXwidgets/Rumps(optional, for tray icon on Windows/Mac)
  • Opencv and NumPy (optional, for web camera support)
  • AIOhttp. You'll also need all dependencies(especially request library), so we recommend installing it with pip install aiohttp
  1. Execute in command line(bash, cmd, whatever):
     python3 launcher.py

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