How to connect Bambulab printers to 3DPrinterOS

How to connect Bambu Lab 3D printers to 3DPrinterOS

Supported printers: Bambu Lab X1 and P1 Series, A1 Mini and A1

  1. Printer set-up and connection

    1. Pre-installation checks

      1. First, please check that you have unpacked your 3D printer, placed it on a stable surface, and connected it to a reliable power source and the Wi-Fi network.
    2. Collect the following information about your printer:
      1. The printer's IP Address and Access Code
        1. On the Bambu Lab P1 Series, go to the Network menu on the Printer's Control Panel and note the IP and Access Code. You must also switch to LAN Only Mode.
        1. For the Bambu Lab X1 series, go to the Network menu on the Printer's Control Panel and note the IP and Access Code.
      2. The printer's serial number
        1. You can find it by connecting to the printer directly from Bambu Studio and going to the menu Device -> Update.
    3. Visit to download the latest version of the 3DPrinterOS Cloud client for the platform of your choice. Install it by following the installation instructions.
      1. If you use a Windows PC, you can start the client from the shortcut on the Desktop. To start it automatically, please add the shortcut to the Auto-Start folder.
      2. The client will start automatically after every restart if you have a Raspberry Pi or a similar platform.
      3. For the best results with the Bambu Lab printers, please use the Stable version of the Cloud Client.
      1. If you want to use the X1, P1 series, A1, or A1 mini camera, please use the Testing version of the Cloud Client (third section).
    4. Go to the 3DPrinterOS Client web interface.
      1. Log into your 3DPrinterOS account or create an account if you haven't one.
      1. Choose “Add network printer,” specify your printer's IP address, Access Code as Printer password (mandatory for Bambu Lab), and Printer serial number (mandatory for Bambu Lab), and select the type.
      1. The 3DPrinterOS Client will connect to your printer, and you will see “ready” next to the printer type.
      2. You can change the printer's name by clicking on it.
      3. Click “Go to your cloud account,” and you will be redirected to 3DPrinterOS. Choose “Printers” from the top menu; you should see the new printer connected to the cloud.
  2. To allow 3DPrinterOS Client connect to the Bambu X1 series camera please switch on "LAN Mode Liveview". Than restart the printer.
  1. How to 3D print a model via the 3DPrinterOS Cloud interface.

    1. Use Bambu Studio to prepare a model for print. Then slice it and export it to the gCode file format.
    2. Upload your gCode file to 3DPrinterOS.
      1. Click on the "Add File" button and select the file from your storage
      2. While the 3DPrinterOS is processing the file, select the correct printer type from the drop-down menu and click the "Save" button
      3. Print your file on the Bambu Lab printer.

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