How to connect Makerbot and other Network printers

How to connect Network Printers to 3DPrinterOS

MakerBot 5th Generation Installation guide v2.4 example

  1. Please first follow the general guide for cloud client installation
  2. Recommended ways for connecting your Makerbot 5th Gen (same applies to Makerbot Z18 or Makerbot Mini)
    1. 3DPrinterOS doesn't support them over USB, only WiFi or Ethernet
    2. We recommend using the Raspberry Pi (3 or 4), because MAC’s and PC’s have to be online 24/7 and that can cause problems.
    3. It is recommended to use 1x Raspberry Pi per each 3D Printer (but it will work with multiple printers connected to the same RPI too).
    4. Use WiFi/Ethernet cables to connect both the MakerBot and the RPi (or a computer with the 3DPOS Client) to the network. There is no need to connect the client and MakerBot 5th Gen directly.
      1. WiFi for new Makerbots can be enabled using this guide.
    5. Skip this step first, and come back if the cloud client can not detect the network printer automatically. Write down the IP address. Link to the latest Makerware.
  1. Setup cloud client
    1. Go to cloud client web interface http://localhost:8008 or if you are using a Raspberry Pi, then go to Raspberry Pi local network IP address, for example in my case it is 
    2. Click the button Detect network printers shown on the picture above, and the detection process will start
    3. If printers were detected go to step 3.d and skip this and following steps. If there are no printers listed please do step 2.e of this guide, and then 3.c.1-3.c.2 below
      1. click Add network printer button
      2. Paste the IP address. You can find it in Makerware- Device Preferences. Link to the latest Makerware
      if you have problems and need to re-enter the IP address or redetect 3D printers in the network and you'd like to start from scratch, use Forget network printer button
    4. When all 3D printers are detected you will see a list and depending on the 3D printer settings some steps to follow. For example, in my case I needed to push a button on a Makerbot 5th Gen Mini to confirm pairing.
    1. After clicking the button, the printers are listed with their statuses
    2. Voila! Now you can see the 5th gen printer in the cloud, on the printers tab

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