How to connect the Ultimaker 2+ Connect

How to connect the Ultimaker 2+ Connect to 3DPrinterOS?

  1. Connect your printer to the Digital Factory:
The UltiMaker 2+ Connect does not support printing via the local network. The printer must be connected to the Digital Factory to enable remote printing.

  • Step 1. Go to the 3D printer

Go to your printer Settings menu, select Digital Factory, and press Start to connect.

Not seeing this option? Make sure to update your firmware: UltiMaker 2+ Connect firmware.

  • Step 2. Get code

After pressing Connect, your printer will display a unique 6-digit code. You will need this code to link your printer to your UltiMaker account.

Is the unique 6-digit not appearing? Make sure to check that the required ports and domains are reachable from your printer network. Visit this page for more information: Digital Factory - Network requirements
  • Step 3. Go to Digital Factory

Go to the Digital Factory and sign in with your UltiMaker account. On the Printers page, click on Add printer.

  • Step 4. Fill in code

Fill in the unique code from the printer and click on Connect.

Your printer will be immediately added to your printer dashboard in the UltiMaker Digital Factory.

  1. Connect 3DPrinterOS to the Digital Factory.

    Add your printer:
    Connect it to the Digital Factory:

The printer should now be connected and available in your Printers tab.

If you had other "Ultimaker 2+ Connect" connected to the Digital Factory before, they will also appear in the printer list:

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