How to connect an Ultimaker 3, S3, S5, S7 to 3DPrinterOS

Ultimaker 3, S3, S5, S7 integration to 3DPrinterOS

  1. Perform the Pre-installation checks:
    1. First of all, please check that you have unpacked your 3D printer, put it on a stable surface, connected it to the reliable power source and the network.
    2. Update your Ultimaker printer firmware to the latest one, using the printer's LCD.
    3. Be sure you visited the 3DPrinterOS Cloud, and logged in to your account, or created an account if you do not have one yet.
  2. Enable Developer mode on your printer, by going to SYSTEM -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Developer mode -> YES -> (printer will reboot) -> write down the IP address on the screen. In our case

  1. Using SSH command (Linux, MAC) or SSH client (in Windows, for example, Download PuTTY: the latest release (0.74)) connect to the printer, using 
    1. The IP address you wrote down before from the screen, 
    2. login: root
    3. password: ultimaker 

ssh root@[printerip]

the password might not be visible when you’re typing it, but it’s actually still there - just type ultimaker and press enter
  1. Now, go to the Downloads page and copy the latest installation command for the 3DPrinterOS cloud client for U3/S3/S5/S7. At the moment of writing this document the correct command was (this is one line):
    (TS=1640616285 && CURTS="$(date +%s)" && if [ $((TS-60)) -gt $((CURTS)) ]; then date --set="@$TS"; fi; cd /root/ && rm -f cacert.pem && curl -fsSOL && export CURL_CA_BUNDLE=/root/cacert.pem || if [ -f /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/certifi/cacert.pem ]; then export CURL_CA_BUNDLE=/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/certifi/cacert.pem; fi; curl -f -sS '' | bash)
If you paid attention to the command above, there is a unique token. This command/token will be valid and will work within 10 minutes after opening the page and could be used for one printer only. Then you need to refresh the page and get a new command. If you install more than 1 printer, then be sure to refresh the page the number of times equal to the number of printers you have.
  1. Insert the command into the terminal window and press Enter key on the keyboard.
  2. Wait till the end of the installation.
  3. If everything went well, you will see the 3DPrinterOS logo in the terminal and the text:
    3DPrinterOS Client for Ultimaker 3 was successfully installed and started. You need to make a pairing of your printer with 3DPrinterOS Client to have access to U3 API. Please accept pairing with 3DPrinterOS Client application on the U3 printer's screen.   
  4. Now, on the Ultimaker printer screen select ALLOW, to pair the 3DPrinterOS cloud client with the printer API.
  5. Now you can see the printer connected on the Printers tab of your account
    1. Use the Slicer 5 App to Slice for the Ultimaker 3/S3/S5/S7
    2. In order to see the Live View, be sure to go to the Printers tab, click on the 3 dots menu, and select settings. Then select the camera.
  6. Enjoy the printing progress!
  7. Uninstallation of the 3DPrinterOS Client for Ultimaker
    1. You need to open the Ultimaker terminal window (ssh) like it was described in items 2, 3.
    2. Copy the next command:
      sh /opt/3dprinteros-client/install/
    3. Insert the command into the terminal window and press Enter key on the keyboard.
    4. ​Wait till the end of the uninstallation.

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