How to Slice a model in the Cloud

Slicing in the Cloud

Slicing – is the process needed to convert the STL model into an understandable format for your 3D printer.

Gcode is a file format, usually used to save all the commands needed to print the model.

You can slice STL models using our cloud resources. That makes slicing faster than using your hardware.

Slicer apps

3DPrinterOS uses Open Source engines to slice the model:

  • Cura 15.04 in Cloud Slicer(discontinued) app
  • Cura 3.6 in Slicer 3(discontinued) app – more than 400 parameters for granular slicing.
  • Makerbot Slicer for all Makerbots
  • Slicer 5 (Recommended default slicer)

How to slice a model

Basically, you just need:

  1. Click Slice next to the STL file
  2. Set-up slicing settings. There are two options:
    1. 3DPrinterOS provides default Slicing profiles. You can use them without diving deep into each of the parameters.
    2. If you want to adjust the settings, you can play around with the settings, for example to adjust the speed or the quality of the print.
  3. Click Slice or Slice & Toolpath Preview inside of the application.
    1. The Sliced model will appear in the correspondent project
    2. Slice and Toolpath Preview – will open Toolpath Viewer app.

Slicers structure

Cloud Slicer(discontinued) and Slicer for Makerbot:

  • Simple – 7 basic parameters
  • Advanced – 17 parameters
  • Expert – more than 25 parameters, including Start/End gcodes
    Slicer 3(discontinued), Slicer 5:
  • Simple – 7 basic parameters
  • Expert – more than 400 parameters. Some of them have parental relation, so changing

one may change the another

If you don't know what the parameter means, simply hover on it.

Slicer 3(discontinued), Slicer 5, and Slicer for Makerbots support dual extrusion. Read detailed about dual extrusion here.

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