How to submit a print job in 3DPrinterOS

How to submit and start a print job

  1. Open the Files page.
  2. Find the .gcode file and click Print next to it.
    You can either Slice in the Cloud or Upload a .gcode or .stl file.
    Explore the capabilities of an .stl file editor Here.
  3. The Printer Selection window will appear. Select the Printer and two buttons will appear at the bottom.
    1. Queue – Job will be added to the queue
    2. Print – Job will be started straight away
    Buttons may be disabled. This means that there is a reason why you can't make this operation. You can hover the pointer into the disabled button in order to figure out the reason. (You can see an example of Disabled Queue above)
  4. Also, you can add a note in order to pass important details on to the printer operator, if needed.

    Confirmation of successful job submission will appear in the bottom-left corner.
    You can click on the "Go to Printers" link so you'll be moved to the Printers page and scrolled down to the newly submitted job. Or you can stay on the page and submit new Print jobs.

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