Print Fail Detector Feature

How to use the Print Fail Detector?

The Print Fail Detector automatically monitors the printing process and identifies potential issues or failures during printing.

It's only available for users with an Organizational License.
If you want to enable it, please contact our support team through Live Chat or via
  1. After enabling Print Fail Detector, navigate to:

1. Printers -

2. Click on the three-dot menu

3. Select "Print Fail Detections"

  1. To improve the accuracy of this feature, you can:

    1. Filter jobs
    2. Indicate whether the auto-detection was correct or incorrect

By doing this, you help train the AI to distinguish whether the print failed or not.

Once the AI becomes accurate enough, we will add the option to stop the print if the AI detects a failure.

  1. To enable notifications for a certain printer, navigate to the Printer Settings and change "Print Fail Detector notifications" to "Use Custom Notifications," as shown in the screenshot ⬇️

Please read the article on the Best Practices of using the Print Fail Detector here.

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