Printer access permissions

There are 2 types of printer access permissions in 3DPrinteros: Can queue and Can print.

Can Queue permissions

Users with this type of permissions can only send their print job to the queue

  • Can not Share or Edit the printer in any way.
    Can queue access user can change Display title of the printer only for themselves.
  • Can not see the list of jobs in the queue
  • Can not start, Pause, Resume or Cancel any jobs(even their own)

Can Print Permissions

Users with this type of permissions can manage the printer in different ways:

  • Print their own jobs
  • Start, Pause, Resume, Cancel any job on the queue
They still can not change Printer Settings and don't have access to detailed info like Q&A answers of other organizational members.

Printer Permissions Customizations

Organizations can customize default permissions. Read detailed in Printing limits guide

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