Printer Settings

  1. Announcement
    You can add a printer Note that will be displayed on the status line and on the printer selection pop-up.
    Hover on it to see the full text
  2. Filament tracking
    Read details here
  3. Printer name
    The printer owner can change it for the entire Organization.
    Each user with the printer shared to them can change it for themselves.
  4. Printer Type
    Users can use this setting to determine the correct printer type. Not all printers have unique VID:PID, so it is impossible to figure it out automatically.
  5. Active
    If the user wants to hide the printer from the Printers Page they can disable this toggle.
    When the printer is back online ā€“ the badge with the number of active printers will appear in the top-right three dot menu.
    Users can go to the Inactive printers list from there.
  6. Enable clear bed notification/button
    Read details here.
  7. Camera
    After you've connected the camera, it should appear in the printer settings if it's online. After you see it, you need to select the correct one.

    You will also need to do this if you have multiple cameras connected to the same host.
    Camera settings are available only when the printer is online.
  8. Delete
    In order to delete your printer, you need to enter your email
    Even if you delete the printer and then connect it again to the same host, it will appear on the printers page.
  9. Don't forget to save your changes.
    Happy 3D Printing!

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