3DPrinterOS Printer Statuses 101

3D Printer statuses and their meaning

We've added printer statuses, in order to make 3D printer monitoring understandable. The statuses are pretty close to natural 3D Printer states. With a 95% confidence, you can skip this article for now, and read it if you have a particular question.

If you don't have any idea what the icon means, then just hover on the status icon in order for it to appear in text format.
  1. Idle – the printer is ready to start the next job
  2. Printing – the print job has been launched from the cloud
  3. Offline – the printer is not connected to the Cloud
  4. Paused – the job was paused
  5. Printing locally – the job was started physically on the 3D Printer. If the color is blue (the same as for ''Printing'' status, there is no printing job line.
  6. Local mode – printer is being run manually by using the Joystick or Local Console
  7. Connecting – the printer is connecting to the Cloud
  8. Downloading – the job has started and the file is being downloaded by the printer
  9. Bed is not clear – confirmation that the bed is clear is required. There are two cases when this status appears
    1. "Bed is clear" feature is enabled in the Printer Settings.
    2. A feature in the 3D Printer's firmware. In this case, you need to confirm that the bed is clear on the printer screen. For example, this is supported for Ultimaker 3+ and Dremel 3D40/45 3D printers.
    Even if you have the 3DPrinterOS "bed is clear" flag enabled and your 3D Printer has the same built-in confirmation feature. The toggle from 3DPrinterOS will not confirm that the bed is clear on the printer.
  10. Error – an error has occurred in the printer's firmware – and that's sent to our cloud.
  11. Inactive 3D Printers
    You can also make a 3D Printer inactive. Then It won't appear on the Printers Page until you toggle it as ''active''.
    If there is an Inactive idle printer, the green color counter will appear next to the 3 dots button at the top-right corner of the page (to attract your attention). You need to bring it back and make it Active in order to use it.

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