3DPrinterOS RPi's GPIO Interface

  1. How to enable:

    To enable the GPIO buttons interface, locate the parameter "enabled" in "gpio" section and switch its value from false to true.

    The settings editor location is inside the 3dprinteros-client interface: Main Screen/Settings/Edit settings file

  1. Default wiring:

    Pins numeration is RPi(should not be confused with BCM pins numeration)

  •     Cancel button: pins 5 and 6(ground)
  •     Send bed clear button: pins 9(ground) and 10
  1. Wiring recommendations:

    In case of spontaneous button activation consider the solutions below:

  • Use shorter wires 
  • Avoid using RPi with GPIO interface enabled next to sources of electromagnetic noise(fridges, mashing machines, power generators, etc.)
  • Add 100nF capacitor as close to RPi's pins as possible
  1. Schemas:

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