Slicing profile creation/management in 3DPrinterOS

How to create slicing profiles

There are two ways to create slicing profiles in the 3DPrinterOS

  1. While you are slicing
    Imagine you've changed a lot of parameters for specific print, and don't want to lose them. Perhaps, for future iterations or for other models.
    Just click "Save these settings as a slicing profile..." in the top-right corner of the Slicer app window.
  2. Create a new profile from scratch
    1. Go to the Profiles page
    2. Click Add Profile and Select the needed slicer
      Curious about what slicer is appropriate? Read about Slicers in 3DPrinterOS here.
    3. Select the base for the profile
    4. Change the settings and Save. There are 2 options:
      1. Overwrite your existing profile
      2. Create new. Don't forget to set a name that you'd remember

How to manage Slicing profiles in 3DPrinterOS?

Read about Organizational management of Slicing profiles in the article


Just click on the profile name.

In order to Save, just click somewhere else.


You can delete a slicing profile

It is possible to restore the profile from the deleted page, if needed.

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