Smart 3D Printer and Slicer Selection

The new smart system automatically defines what printer and slicer is user going to use in 3DPrinterOS built-in apps.

How system defines the appropriate 3D Printer?

  1. By default smart system selects the printer selected for the model in the STL Editor or Magic Fix apps.
  2. If the apps were not launched for the model, the system selects the previously used 3D printer for the prints or in apps.
  3. But if the user has no prints the new system selects the first 3DPrinter in the list. The lists are sorted alphabetically starting with the 3D printers user has access to.

How system defines the appropriate Slicer app?

  1. When the system knows the 3D Printer it opens the appropriate Slicer app.
  2. If there are slicing profiles in Slicer 5 – the system opens Slicer 5
  3. Unless the user previously sliced the model for this printer type with Cloud Slicer. Then system opens Cloud Slicer.

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