Toolpath Viewer/Preview – Check out your print before they start

Toolpath viewer is a powerful tool that allows diagnosing printing issues before they happen.

In order to open Toolpath Viewer click on the .gcode file row or Preview button.

What are the possibilities?

  1. You can see the model layers' speed based on color and you can see the legend bar on the left
  2. You can see your model layer by layer using the slider at the right toolbar
  3. There are 4 toggles to manage the parts of the print that are displayed
    1. Show extrusion – display model extrusion
    2. Show infill – This is hidden by default, as it uses a lot of resources, especially when you are previewing large prints(>50 Mb)
      Toolpath viewer uses your hardware resources to visualize the prints. Sometimes it takes too long to visualize big models. You can decrease the file size, by removing print's infill.
      The toggle state is saved. So after you've disabled showing the infill for one model, it won't be disabled for the next by default.
    3. Show service parts – visualizes supports and build plate adhesion
    4. Show motion – displays printer head movements
  4. Animation – preview the print process
  5. Short Info
    1. Filament needed
    2. Estimated Print time
    3. Cost – if your organization uses billing logic
  6. Full Info
    Provides print details: Material, Build Plate adhesion, Supports, Printer type, Temperatures, Length, Weight, Printing duration.
  7. Slicing Info
    Displays slicing parameters' values applied to the model. Available only for files sliced in 3DPrinterOS.

That's it.

Happy printing!

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