3rd party payment providers in 3DPrinterOS

PaperCut Integration

  1. Papercut is connected with 3DPrinterOS via API by these fields:
    1. 3DPrinterOS user email = Papercut account owner username/email
    2. User’s state of balance - updated in 3DPrinterOS every 10 minutes and right before processing the transaction
    3. Private 3DPrinterOS key, which confirms the right to send PaperCut API calls
  2. When the user does the transaction in the 3DPrinterOS cloud, a separate request is sent to Papercut. Request includes:
    1. User email
    2. Transaction Amount
    3. Comment - 3DPrinterOS transaction comment
  3. The transaction is done when the user sends a job to the queue. 
    1. [getUserAccountBalance] The current state of balance is checked if there are enough funds to pay for the job. The API call is sent to PaperCut in order to get the user’s balance
    2. [adjustUserAccountBalanceIfAvailable] Balance is reduced for the job price if there are enough funds
    3. If the job was canceled/aborted/failed, the user would be refunded.
      The amount is determined like this:
      Refund amount = [Job cost] x [100% - % of job completion]

      For example: If a $100 job was completed for 99% and then canceled, the user receives a $1 refund.
  4. There is a possibility to change the cost of the job by the organization admins. A new transaction takes place and the user's balance is reduced with the determined amount.
  5. There is a possibility to disable automatic refunds for the organization. Then the admin is able to determine the refund amount by themselves.
  6. Link to papercut is added to the top-right menu to provide fast access to the student's account.
If you're looking for other 3rd party payments provider integration –> contact sales@3dprinteros.com

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