Add new users to organization

How to create a user account or invite an existing 3DPrinterOS user to your organization?

This feature is accessible within Organizational Admin Panel. It is available only for Organization Admins.

  1. Go to the Users tab of Organizational Admin Panel and press Add user at the top-right corner of the users table
  2. Enter user email and select user's role.
  3. If the entered email address doesn't belong to any 3DPrinterOS users, you'll see the dialog window that allows you to create the account for the user. Please enter their first and last name and select the role.
    Due to the GDPR, 3DPrinterOS can't process any personal data, including email addresses, without consent. So you'll need to take the responsibility for the user's Personal Data and give consent on processing instead of him.
    Also, GDPR does not allow processing personal data of children under 16 without parents' consent.
    You can avoid giving consent on personal data displaying(last one) as well as filling their first and last name.
    Later user can change the preferences on the Profile Settings Page.
  4. The new user will receive an invitation email letter with the password. They can use it in order to login to 3DPrinterOS.
    The newly created user automatically becomes a member of your organization.

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