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3DPrinterOS Guide - Default Files for the Organization

This feature allows you to set default files for your organization's members. 

These files will be the only ones for users created by an admin or registered by SSO. 

If the user exists, the files and the projects will be shared with them(added to his existing files and projects). The same will happen to users who already have a 3DprinterOS account and will join your organization. 

  1. Create a new 3DPrinterOS user account and add the user to your organization, or create the user through the organization settings(screenshot below).
  2. Upload the files and create the projects that you want to ''share by default'' for this user’s account.
  3. Go to Organization Settings, toggle the switch "Default Organization Files"
    1. Insert the email and the password to prove your ownership of this account and press the “Save changes” button.

  1. Files from this account will be ''default'' for all organization users.
This account should be without any printers and should not be used for 3D Printing or other activities. Use it in order to store default files and projects.

  1. After you have set up the account and the files have been shared, you can:
  • Add new files - they will be added to all users.
  • Create new projects (only by uploading files to them, not by creating ones based on files from “My files”)
  • Rename projects and files in projects; names will be changed for all users (You can not rename files in “My files”)

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