Favorite 3D Printers in 3DPrinterOS

Sometimes, your organization's members may not know the printer they want to select and just skip its selection in Slicing apps. The printers list in Slicer/Layout apps is sorted alphabetically by default.

The smart system chooses the printer selected for the model in the STL Editor or Magic Fix apps, by default.
If the apps were not launched for the model, the system selects the previously used 3D printer for the prints. But if the user is new to the system, then they might select the first 3DPrinter in the list. The lists are sorted alphabetically starting with the 3D printers the user has access to. Read more about it here

There is a risk that the automatically selected 3D Printer is not the one you want a non-experienced organization member to use.

In this case, we recommend using the Favorite printers list.

- The favorite printers list will appear as the first one in all applications.

- Admins can manage their order to make a specific printer type be the first

How to enable it?

  1. Go to the Customizations section in Organizational Admin Panel –> Settings
  2. Enable toggle next to Favorite Printers
  3. Select the favorite printer(s) from the list
  1. Sort the favorite printers order manually by dragging-and-dropping them
  2. Save changes
  3. VOILA. The favorite printers list will appear in all apps for all organizational members

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