How to white-label organizational email notifications?

3DPrinterOS provides a possibility to use custom email templates for your organization. Follow this guide to enable the feature.

  1. Create an account in Mandrill
  2. Verify your domain as default for the Mandrill account
  3. Contact Oscar to with a request to set the custom Mandrill account, please specify your Mandrill API key and Organization name. Thus we will be able to transfer all templates to your account. You can customize templates in your Mandrill account.
We can also help with setting the email and the name of sender in bulk. Please provide these fields in email request.
  1. After you’ve customized the emails. Go to Organizational Admin Panel –> Settings –> Customizations
  2. Find “Custom Mandrill Mailer”, set the organizational name and API Key

Voila. You have white-labeled email notifications now.

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