Organization user types

Organizations in 3DPrinterOS allow to use 3D Printers as a shared resource and collaborate on 3D Prints.

The first and logical question is:

What are the user types and what are their capabilities?


Admins can manage all the printers and users in the organization. In order to get to the admin panel, you need to click on your email in the top-right corner and select Organization Admin.

Regular Users

They have access to the slicing profiles that you've made available for them. They can also access the 3D printers that are shared directly or through the workgroups. They can also see their own files or the files shared to them. Depending on the permissions, they can only print or queue files. Read more here about default printer permissions in 3DPrinterOS.

Advanced users

Sometimes Admins need assistance from other members, but they don't want to give full ownership over the organization.

Read the details about Advanced Users' capabilities here.

Workgroup Moderators

This is a separate feature available only as a module. Sometimes organizations may consist of different sub-organizations with different printers and members.

If this seems valuable to you, read more details about workgroup moderators in 3DPrinterOS here.

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