Printing limits for the entire organization in 3DPrinterOS

Guide on how to limit and customize printing access for organizations in 3DPrinterOS

  1. Go to the Settings tab in Organization Admin
  2. Find the Printing section

Now let's dive into each of these settings:

Printer access customization

There are two default printer access permissions in 3DPrinterOS. Organizations can customize these for their needs. When you're customizing, a new permission type will appear as a selection, when sharing a printer or creating a workgroup.

  1. Сan queue (Custom)
    You can grant access to users with Can Queue (Custom) permissions, so they could cancel their own jobs
  2. Can Print (Custom)

There is more flexibility with Can Print permissions. If you're using this, then you're dismissing the rights for default Can Print permissions.

Printing Limit customizations

  1. Monthly quota – measured in the number of prints. It can be set for each member separately through Organization Admin - Users tab
  2. Printing time limit – measured in hours per day, week or month
  3. The maximum duration of a single print – measured in hours
  4. Regular users can only queue/print one job at a time – this won't allow a user to submit another job if the previous one was not printed or was cancelled.
  5. Disable Printing until the Build tray is confirmed as clear.
  6. Start next job automatically after printer's bed is marked as clear – allows to automate the process.

Printers page view and behavior customizations

  1. Printers Page default sorting – Admin can select from these 3 options:
    by Active Machines – idle printers will be first
    by Machine Name – simply by printer or Host name
    by Newest Job – the Printer, or the Host with the printer that has the newest job in the queue
  1. Time period for queues cleaning (finished/aborted/failed jobs)
    Finished jobs are not stored in the printers page indefinitely.
    They are displayed for 24 hours, by default. This can be customized by admins
  2. Clear Finished Jobs from the Queue – This regards only Completed Jobs.
  3. Hide Printer Settings to Regular Users – Regular users won't be able to see Printer Settings next to the printer (under the 3 dots menu)
  4. Show printers grouped by hosts for all organization members
    By default, printers are displayed as separate entities. But in some cases, it is useful when you can see what printer is connected to which host:
    This is the same setting as in the filter on the Printers page. The difference is that this will be applied organization-wide.

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