Billing in 3DPrinterOS

How to charge users for their print jobs?

Step 1. Enable ''Balance'' for organizational users

Admins can specify an organization-wide balance. In this case, it will be automatically applied to all new members who register on the platform.

  1. Go to Organization Admin –> Settings
  2. Go to ''Payments''
  3. Set-up a default User balance
  4. Save changes

An Admin can change the balance for each user:

  1. Go to Organization Admin –> users
  2. Find the user
  3. Click on their balance in order to modify it
  4. Press Enter

How is the job price calculated?

When members in the organization submit a print job, the cost of the job is automatically deducted from their balance.

3DPrinterOS has a built-in mechanism for cost calculation.

There are 3 parameters that affect the cost:

  • Print weight
  • Print duration
  • Deprecation costs
Print cost = [print weight]*[price per kilogram] + [print duration]*[price per hour] + [dep. cost]

Print weight and print duration are estimated by 3DPrinterOS, based on the .gcode file analysis.

Step 2. Set-up cost settings

The Organization admin can set-up prices per printing hour, kilogram of material, and deprecation cost. Those prices can be set-up in two ways:

A) For specific slicing profiles.
  1. Go to the Slicing profiles page
  2. Find the necessary profile. Click Edit
  3. Go to the Price tab in the Slicer application window
  4. Specify the parameters and select the material.
    The density of the material is necessary for determining the exact weight of the model and to calculate the material cost
    In Slicer 3(discontinued), and Slicer 5 the material density is derived from the material selected in the profile
  5. Click Save/Overwrite
B) Organization-wide

Applies to all slicing profiles, except the ones that have their own price settings.

  1. Go to Organization Admin
  2. Go to Payments
  3. Enable "Regular user default pricing for every Slicing Profile"
  4. Don't forget to save your settings. πŸ˜‰
A Workgroup moderator can also set-up prices for their slicing profiles.

Step 3. Changing the cost for the print job manually

An Organization Admin can change the cost of the job manually, when it is submitted in the Job details window.

  1. Find the necessary print job on the Printers or the History page
  2. Click on the Job row to open Job Details (or the 3 dot menu –> Details)
  1. Navigate to the Transactions tab
    The transaction tab is only available if the admin has access to the printer where the job was submitted.
  2. Enter the new cost and add a description for the transaction
  3. Click Update
    The cost difference between the old and the new cost will be deducted or added to the final invoice.

More. Other cases that lead to a transaction

  • When the job is moved – no transaction happens.
  • When the job is restarted – the job owner is charged again
  • When the job is copied – the new job owner is charged. So if the job is copied on the admin's behalf he will be charged for it.
    It's possible to disable charging when a job is copied or restarted. Read about it below:
  • If the job is canceled, the submitter will be refunded
  • If the job has failed or was canceled during the print, then the submitter will be refunded according to the job completion percentage.
Refund amount = [Job cost] x [100% - % of job completion]

For example: If a $100 job was progressed to 99% and then cancelled, the user receives a $1 refund.
It's also possible to disable automatic refunds. Read below.

Step 4. Customizing billing for Organizations

We've already mentioned the ''default user balance" and "default pricing'' settings above.

Let's see what else can be customized:

  • Default Currency.
    USD, EUR, GBP, and ILS are available currently. Contact in order to add another currency.
  • Disable automatic refund if the print job was not finished.
    In some cases, the Organization Admins don't want to refund when the the job fails, because the submitter prepared it incorrectly and it's the submitter's fault. The admins may use this setting to define the refund amount by themselves.
  • Disable automatic Π‘harge when the print job gets copied/restarted
    In some cases Organization admins want regular users to only pay once for a job, and if it is copied or restarted, then the user won't get charged.

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