Q&A feature – collect necessary data

Sometimes admins need to collect additional information from those who submit a print job. I.e. Color, Payment source, Student ID, Shipping address, Post Processing type, etc.

Admins can create a custom form to collect this data in 3DPrinterOS. The form appears before the User submits a job.

Admins can ask different questions for different printer types

How to configure the Q&A form.

  1. Go to the Customizations section in Organizational Admin Panel –> Settings
  2. Set up the necessary question(s) and fill in the answers if you have pre-selected options
  3. Save the Q&A form. Save Changes so they are applied to the users.
  4. The user will see the form after they've selected the printer.


The Q&A form consists of:
You can deactivate the question until you are sure that you don't want to collect the data anymore.
You can also choose to not ask admins these questions, to reduce the extra steps for them.
Each question can have multiple answers
There are different answer types: Open text, Short answer, One choice(radio button), Choices(dropdown), Multiple Choices(Checkboxes)
Each answer may be required or not. The required answer has a red asterisk(*) on the form.

Answer type example:

How it will look, when the job is being submitted:

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