Managing Slicing Profiles for Organizations

Sometimes, organizations want to ensure what slicing profiles are available to use for different 3D Printers or for different organizational departments or groups.

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Managing slicing profiles is important if you care about the quality of the prints. 3DPrinterOS provides multiple possibilities for that:

By default, all the users in the organization have access to all the slicing profiles that were created by the organization's admins


An admin can hide profiles from the Slicers by disabling the toggle in the first column next to the profile name


An admin can delete slicing profiles, so it won't appear in the active list.

It's also possible to restore the profiles from the deleted page.


Just click on the profile name to rename it


You can manage the workgroups that have access to specific slicing profiles

Organizational-wide Slicing profiles settings

  • Disable 3DPrinterOS Default Slicing Profiles
    Regular users will only see the profiles created by admins
  • Disable the possibility to create and edit slicing profiles for Regular users
    The Button "Save these settings as a slicing profile..." disappears.
    The Profiles page will also disappear from the main menu
    Price, temperature, and speed parameters in all slicers will be disabled for Regular users as well (see Extruder(•C) is disabled in the screenshot above)
  • Disable the ability to overwrite other Slicing profiles for Regular Users
    A user can overwrite only their own profiles or create new ones based on other users' profiles.
    This setting is disabled if you've limited access to creating slicing profiles for regular users
    • Hide 3D printers without Slicing Profiles from Slicers
      Only 3D printers with Slicing profiles will be shown in Layout/Slice
      Recommendation: Use this setting with ''Disable 3DPrinterOS Default Slicing Profiles''

      Then you need to create your own slicing profiles. Thus the list of 3D Printers in applications will be much shorter for the rest org members.

Reach out to if you want more flexibility with slicing profiles.

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