User Management

Organizations in 3DPrinterOS are meant for using 3D Printers as a shared resource. Obviously, you'd want different people to have different permissions.

Besides organization-wide permissions, members of an Organization can have specific permissions:

  • Quota – number of prints per user, per month.
    You can set-up a default organization-wide quota. This will be applied to all new users automatically.
    You can also change it for each user individually.
  • Balance – a balance that is used to charge for 3D prints inside 3DPrinterOS. It's also possible to integrate with third party payment providers. Read more about PaperCut Integration.
  • User type - There are Regular Users, Advanced Users, Workgroup Moderators or Organization Admins.
    You can read this in detail from here
  • Excluding users from the organization
  1. Go to Organization Admin –> Users.
  2. Click the x icon button after the user
  3. Select the checkboxes
  4. Enter "I_AM_SURE" and click OK
  • Deleting users
    An admin can only delete users who have the organization's email domain
    1. Go to Organization Admin –> Users.
    2. Click the button with the Trash-Can icon
    3. Confirm the action by entering "I_AM_SURE"
  • Manage user workgroups
    1. Go to Organization Admin –> Users.
    2. Click Manage next to the user's email
    3. Select the workgroup(s)
    4. Click OK to Save changes

You can also create a new user or add an existing user to 3DPrinterOS. Read about it here

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