Workgroups in 3DPrinterOS – Divide and Rule

What is a Workgroup?

A workgroup is an easy way to grant access to a group 3D printers for multiple users

An admin can add multiple users, multiple printers and select the 3D Printer access type for the workgroup (Can Queue or Can Print)

How to create a workgroup?

  1. Go to Organizational Admin Panel –> Workgroups
  2. Click ''Create New Workgroup'' at the top right corner of the table
  3. Enter a Workgroup name, select the printer access type and enter or generate an access code. That may be used to join the organization.
  4. You created a workgroup. Now it's time to add users. Enter the users' emails
    If you enter an email that doesn't belong to any 3DPrinterOS user, you'll be able to create an account for that user as seen below:
  5. Well done! Now you need to select the 3D printers that will appear in the workgroup
  6. If you have the Workgroup moderators extension enabled, you can also select workgroup moderators for the workgroup.
    Voila. You're ready to rock with the first workgroup. All users will have access to the printers according to the access type you've selected.

Also, the admin can manage the workgroups for a specific printer, as well as the workgroups of the specific user.

Workgroup Printer management
  1. Go to the Organization Admin –> Printers.
  2. Click Manage next to a Printer
  3. Select the necessary workgroups
  4. Click Ok to Save

Workgroup User management
  1. Go to Organization Admin –> Users.
  2. Click Manage next to a user
  3. Select the necessary workgroups
  4. Click Ok to Save changes

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