B2B customer support process in 2021

3DPrinterOS Software Support Process in 2021

Dear 3DPrinterOS and 3D Control Systems customers and partners,

Our company and the number of installations and customers is growing. We’ve reached a point where we need a single point of contact for any issues and problems, or feature requests you might have.

We are changing the process to solve any issues you might have while using our software. To efficiently support you, we kindly ask you to submit any support or feature requests over this email only: help@3dprinteros.com starting from 8th of March 2021.

Requests will go to a ticketing system, allowing us to have all the responsible people review, prioritize, and respond on time.

Thus, please ensure that you send us essential details when describing any request, e.g., user account email, URL, screenshots, a link to a video, log files, File ID, Printer name, Printer IP. The more information you provide, the quicker we can respond to your inquiry.

This way, we can guarantee that our technical support team takes care of your case according to our service level agreements.

If you do not have a formal service level agreement in place yet, please contact sales@3dprinteros.com 

With kind regards,

Anton Vedeshin, Ph.D.

CTO, 3DPrinterOS, 3D Control Systems, Inc.

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