Having an issue with a file

Having an issue with a file?

Hey there, if you are experiencing any issue with a file in 3DPrinterOS, then there are two ways to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. The first way – report a problem to the 3DPrinterOS support team.
    Available only for Premium and Educational/Enterprise licenses.
    Use our built-in Support chat.
    Please, include the problem description, filename, when it was uploaded, and whether it is a part of the project in your message.
  2. The second way – try to solve it by yourself or within community help:
    1. Make Sure that the file is opened normally with another software.
    2. Try to troubleshoot it yourself, by clicking on the file type tag.
    3. The dialogue window with the log will appear. You can find useful information next to the words: "Failed" or "Error"
    4. If you can't find the solution, you can use the 3DPrinterOS Forum to get help from our Community.
    Just Copy the log and create a new post :–)

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