How to send the problem report with enabled detailed logging (verbose mode) from the 3DPrinterOS cloud client?

How to send a problem report with detailed logging enabled (verbose mode) from the 3DPrinterOS Cloud Client?

When you have repeated problems with a 3D printer in 3DPrinterOS, and you are using the 3DPrinterOS cloud client to connect the printer in question, then it makes sense to enable detailed logging, the so-called verbose mode, on the client before sending the problem report to us.

In order to do so, please follow these steps:

1. Open the 3DPrinterOS Client Web Interface.

If you're using the 3DPrinterOS Client on a Raspberry PI, then please enter the RPI's IP address into your browser on the PC that is on the same local network.

2. Go to Settings -> Edit settings file

3. Change "verbose": false to "verbose": true. And сlick Save

4. Restart the 3DPrinterOS Client.

5. Repeat the action to replicate the issue.

6. After the problem repeats, please click the "Report problem" button.

7. Specify your Organization name in the Summary field and describe the issue in the Description field.

8. Disable Verbose mode by reversing Step 3.

We'll contact you via email as soon as we define the reason for the issue.

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